One of the pressing challenges in today's globe is the lack of access to water. Even though water covers more than two-thirds of the Earth's surface, fresh water that we can use for drinking and daily tasks is still in short supply. Many countries that lack sufficient fresh water supplies like, rivers and ponds, are primarily affected by the severe problem of water scarcity. 

The humidity is quite high in many regions. So, by employing a dehumidifier device, by Drink Air, one can utilize the air to meet people's water needs. Additionally, these devices require less amount of electricity to operate. As a result, you can easily extract drinking water from the atmosphere. The name of this gadget is Atmospheric Water Generator, and Drink Air is one of the leading air drinking wholesale suppliers.

Drink Air: A remarkable innovation

Worldwide drinking water supplies are in trouble due to population growth, groundwater depletion, and declining surface resources. Over 95 per cent of the water on Earth is contained in oceans, but it is too salty to consume; thus, seas might be tapped. Desalination uses a huge amount of energy and is expensive. Taking water from the air won't harm the ecosystem because water vapour is an infinite resource constantly refilled by the hydrologic cycles of the Earth. 

So, we at Drink Air came up with an innovation known as Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) that uses air to extract water from it. We are the top and best air drinking wholesale suppliers in Thailand, Malaysia, France, Singapore, Hong Kong & Indonesia. Additionally, our invention reduces plastic usage in water bottles while ensuring a steady water flow. Also, they may eliminate the need for costly water infrastructure in some circumstances. You can visit our website for air drinking water bulk order.

The working process of air-to-water generator

The AWG water vapour extractor system converts water vapours into drinking water. Dust is extracted and condensed into liquid as air enters the closed inlet system. To ensure the manufacture of high-quality drinking water free of microorganisms, this is next filtered through a piece of filtering equipment and sterilized by UV light.

  • Humid air gets inside the system.
  • Its air filter eliminates dirt and dust.
  • More air is taken from the water vapours.
  • The extracted water is cleaned with a mineral filter before being made drinkable.
  • Minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and other ones that are important for healthy human development are added to the water by pre-carbon filters.
  • Finally, a storage tank is used to hold the cleaned and processed water.

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To conclude, using technology, the atmospheric water generator condenses water from the air, collecting and purifying that moisture to produce potable water. The AWG technology can economically and successfully create clean water from the air.

We sincerely hope you appreciate knowing about the product we've created with cutting-edge technology and years of expertise. We are air drinking wholesale suppliers and deliver pure, nutritious, clean water to your home or business. Simply connect the device and savour the purest water. We constantly strive to find the best methods to offer better drinking water solutions.