We are all used to drinking water from a purifier or water filter. But are they clean and completely pure? Can you say that? Well, it is not. Although it might come as a shock, then that is how it is. But no more drinking impure water. We all should start drinking water which is in its purest form and atmosphere generated. You can easily get an atmospheric water generator machine and get to drink the purest water. Even the atmospheric water generator price is affordable enough for you not to feel bankrupt. You can visit Drink Air so that you can purchase the best generator at the best price. But how does it work, you wonder, right? So could you keep reading to know more about it? Surely you will find it interesting. 

How is pure water created? 

This is one of the most innovative inventions made to date. But the astonishing fact is that no chemical is used during the creation of this water. Thereby keeping you safe considering your health. In this method, the moisture is recovered from ambient air, thereby transforming it into water. This water is devoid of any chemicals and is of excellent quality. It can be consumed by anyone throughout the day as it has no content of neither chlorine nor any traces of medications. 

This innovation is made keeping in mind the well-being of the people. Thus, when you visit Drink Air, you get to have the best quality generator that keeps the capacity of producing 20 litres of water a day. With this generator, you won’t need any water tank, nor will you need any drinking water network. It has got three steps in which it works. So, let us see what these three simple steps are. 

Step-by-step process of creation of pure water

The following steps will help you understand how easy the method is, and you will be facing no hazards. So, let us see:

Optimal filtration 

As it has been mentioned earlier, when the water is recovered from the ambient air, it gets passed through two carbon filters. This is an important part of the entire process of optimal filtration because while getting passed, the impure particles in the water get removed. This, in return, increases the quality of the water that you drink and makes your gut healthy. After the water is made fit for consumption, it goes through a reverse osmosis filter to optimize water purification. 

Customization of mineralization 

In step one, or optimal filtration, pure water is obtained. Then on, in the next step of customization mineralization, the water is made to pass through an interchangeable cartridge. There are multiple possibilities for these cartridges to choose from. And this is where the water is mineralized. It provides water with a neutral pH value of 7.6. Or an alkaline value which is 8.5. 

Sterilization takes place via U.V lamp

In this step, it is made sure that no presence of germs or bacteria is there. The water is prevented from stagnation. Moreover, it is filtered regularly and disinfected. It is only in this step it is made sure that the water is completely fit and healthy to drink. 

A quick wrap-up! 

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